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Dental Appliances in Orleans

Dr. Sam W. S. Lee’s and associates clinic offers custom dental appliances in Orleans. Orthodontic and dental appliances are designed to  correct the bite and improve the positioning of your teeth. Protecting your teeth from damage beforehand can help you avoid restorative procedures and avoid needless surgeries. At our clinic, we focus on helping you prevent tooth damage with the help of dental appliances like bite plates and mouthguards.


Biteplates are designed to correct a deep bite. TMJ (temporomandibular joint), TMD (temporomandibular disorders) and night-time clenching, grinding (bruxism) can not only cause tremendous pain but also permanently damage to your teeth. TMD is multifactorial and involves muscles, nerves, and bone/cartilage. A wide range of treatment options are available, including habit/behaviour modification, physical or massage therapy, bite plane therapy, medications, and even surgery.


Sports Mouthguards

Sports mouthguards are devices worn over your teeth to protect your teeth from unexpected blows. While taking part in recreational and contact sports, you may damage your gums and teeth easily. The equipment covers the upper teeth and is designed to protect against cut lips, broken teeth, and other damage to your mouth. Our dentists recommend UnderArmour™ mouthwear to protect your mouth while improving your sports performance.


A mouthguard is always a better alternative to having your teeth replaced due to injuries. We can fabricate custom-made mouthguards for our athlete patients. You can get a customized performance mouthguard with a simple visit to our clinic. The mouthwear equipment we offer is thinner, sturdier, and allows for more airflow than the typical over-the-counter mouthguards. Contact Dr. Sam W. S. Lee’s dental clinic for additional information. Emergency dental services are available.

Emergency Dental Services

Access emergency help for teeth problems at Dr. Sam W. S. Lee and associates dental practice in Orleans.

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